Elvis Review: Spilling the aTx on Austin Butler, Tom Hanks and What We Really Think About New Movie
June 20, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is a stunning love letter to The King. If I had to Spill the aTx with just one word that describes this movie, that word is: Incredible.

But let’s back up a few months. When I saw the first trailer I was VERY hesitant and very skeptical. So skeptical, in fact, that when a friend, and fellow super fan, realized I was watching a screening of the movie, she immediately called to ask if it was awful. Clearly, it was not.

My love for Elvis runs deep. I am the girl who pulled through the gates at Graceland and immediately started crying. I cried throughout the tour. The tears were not tears of sadness. This was pure joy. When I mentioned that I started crying 10 minutes into the film, a friend said, “I didn’t realize it was sad.” It’s not! That’s just me, unable to contain my love for this man.

I went into the screening knowing Baz would paint a lovely picture of The King. I assumed he would skip over the dirt, poor life choices and negative personality traits – especially since the family was on board and raving profusely. Like I mentioned already, this is a love letter to Elvis. And that’s OK. Just know that it is what it is and that much of the ugly has been left out.

Elvis Movie

Is this a story about the real Elvis, or is it a myth about the Elvis who lives in our imagination?

The answer is both. And I’m here for it.

Now, let’s talk about Austin Butler. I am OBSESSED. I had lots of doubts before I saw those final trailers. But this man is a super star. He is way more talented than I ever knew. At times, I thought he WAS Elvis! And to steal the spotlight from Tom Hanks? Well, that’s some incredible star power.

And PS, I’m glad he stole this film from Tom Hanks because: 1, it’s a movie about Elvis, and, 2, Tom Hanks was not the right choice for this role.


One last thing – this film was made to be seen in the theater. You should definitely see it in the theater. Need a companion? I’m happy to see it again. Actually, I can’t wait to see it again. Just don’t be freaked out when I cry.

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is in theaters June 24.

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