James Marsden Left Hollywood Behind For Austin’s “Small Town” Feel
August 14, 2022 |
By Lola Hagopian

That’s right, James Marsden is officially an Austinite. In case you missed it, the X-Men actor announced his move to Austin in December of 2020 on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

Marsden mentioned on the show that he was renting a home in Austin at the time. Almost two years later, he purchased a 1.8 million dollar house in the Commons Ford area, which is located between Bee Cave and West Lake Hills.

Marsden grew up in Oklahoma and said on the Live that he has been visiting Austin for more than two decades. He goes on to say he moved to this part of Texas for the “small town” feel. We’re not sure the “small town” feel is really accurate anymore but we’re sure it’s a different pace than Hollywood. Which is probably why there has been an influx of celebrties moving to Austin.

Now that he calls the ATX home, that doesn’t mean he’s given up Hollywood completely. He’s still doing plenty of acting. In fact, this season he popped back up on Westworld!

His return was announced at ATX TV Festival in June of 2022 when he surprised the audience at HBO’s Westworld panel. If you watch the series then you know that his character Teddy “died” in season 2. But it seems no one is ever truly dead on Westworld. Guess we should just think of the series like a soap opera. You never know if someone will return from the dead or, perhaps, find out they have an evil twin they never knew about!

Here’s video of Marsden popping up in the audience at ATX TV Festival.

Oh, and if you’ve never seen Marsden’s spot on Matthew McConaughey impression, you need to watch this NOW. It’s definitely one of the best we’ve seen!

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Featured photo via James Marsden’s Instagram

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