Here’s Why Kirsten Dunst Loves Living in Austin
April 19, 2024 |
By Dani Dudek
kirsten dunst

Back in 2022, Kirsten Dunst chatted with CBS Sunday Morning about her role in the film The Power of the Dog. During the interview, she told reporter Luke Burbank about why she likes living in Austin, Texas.

When Burbank asked her if it’s because of less paparazzi attention, the Golden Globe nominee replied, “It’s everything. People care less because it’s not a movie town. They’re better with children, the parks are nicer.”

Dunst and her partner Jesse Plemons have two sons. Ennis Howard was born in May of 2018 while James Robert was born in May of 2021.

Plemons has lived in the ATX off and on since his days starring on Friday Night Lights. The Dallas native spent time in Austin most recently shooting the HBO Max series Love and Death in Austin.

Dunst also told CBS that, in general, “It’s just like I’ve had a more fun time living here,” once again referring to life in Austin.

In 2017, Dunst spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her love of Alamo Drafthouse. You can find that clip here.

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