Follow Friday – Meet Natasha and Vanessa of ATX Food Chronicles
June 19, 2020 |
By Lola Hagopian

The ATXgossip crew loves sharing the work of the Best Austin Bloggers and Influencers. We’ve already chatted with a slew of fashionistas, travel bloggers, writers… and we’re nowhere near done! This week we’re introducing you to the ladies behind ATX Food Chronicles!

ATX Food Chronicles Natasha Wilson and Vanessa Halls are the faces behind ATX Food Chronicles. 

Two friends eating and drinking their way thought Austin and beyond. 

Natasha Wilson is half Haitian and American and grew up in the small town of Florence, Texas. While Vanessa Halls is half Costa Rican, one eighth Irish, German, and Dutch and grew up in Katy, Texas. Both women attended the University of Texas at San Antonio’s and received Bachelors in Marketing. They’ve both lived in Texas for over ten years and have loved living in a city that caters to their love of food and drinks. Their Instagram is proof of their passion. Each picture a love letter to the culinary world!


Just as we do with celebs, we asked Vanessa and Natasha some of our Totally Texan questions, as well as a few ATX-tra things.

What’s your favorite Austin shot movie or TV show?

Natasha: Man of the House; if you look closely, I was an extra in the movie!
Vanessa: Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins Baby!

Who is your favorite Texas band/ musician?

Natasha: Randy Rogers Band
Vanessa: Currently Parker McCollum or Cody Johnson

What actor would you classify as “totally Texan”?

Natasha: Matthew McConaughey!
Vanessa: Woody Harrelson!

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Natasha: Gabrielle Union
Vanessa: I have been told that I sounded like Sandra Bullock and that I looked like I could be her daughter, so let’s go with her! 

What’s your theme song?

Natasha: I love all genres of music so it’s hard for me to chose but right now I’m loving Be Kind by Marshmallo and Halsey. It’s on repeat! 
Vanessa: Every Girl by Turnpike Troubadours 

What advice do you have for Austinites looking to be successful in social media?

We know it sounds a bit cliche’, but be true to yourself, be kind to others and post with intention! We have found that being kind and helpful while treating everyone how you’d want to be treated, goes a long way! Also as a rule of thumb, post about things that you’re truly passionate about. 

Atx food chronicles

Want to know more about ATX Food Chronicles?
Follow them on Instagram at @ATXFoodChronicles. 
Beware visiting their Instagram page, it will without a doubt make you hungry!

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