Follow Friday – Meet Austin Influencer Clarissa Cardenas, Better Known As Concert Queen Official
May 29, 2020 |
By Dani Dudek

The ATXgossip crew loves sharing the work of the Best Austin Bloggers and Influencers. We’ve already chatted with a slew of fashionistas, travel bloggers, writers… and we’re nowhere near done! This week we’re introducing you to one of the most bad ass of the bunch: @concertqueenofficial!

Clarissa Cardenas, aka Concert Queen Official, hails from San Antonio and is a graduate of Spring Hill College in Alabama. She’s always loved going to concerts, events and supporting anything Austin so starting her Concert Queen accounts made perfect sense. It all began during SXSW 2018 because people were constantly asking her what was going on in Austin. That prompted her to start sharing a calendar and posting about events and things just snowballed from there!

“It’s been a journey and I worked hard to learn everything that I know organically,” she said. “I pride myself on growing a following the same way. I’ve never bought a follower or a “like” or taken any shortcuts. I TRULY love engaging with people and connecting with others.”

While her favorite overall annual music festival is Coachella, Austin City Limits and SXSW tie for the title of favorite local fest. ACL Live is her favorite music venue. As for the top three shows she’s ever seen, this proved to be a hard question to answer.

“Do I really have to choose just three?” she asked.

Clarissa was able to narrow it down to three memorable performances:

  • Disclosure with Sam Smith at sunset during Coachella (It was pretty epic)
  • Robert Plant at ACL Live (a bucket list moment because she’s a huge Led Zeppelin fan)
  • Eric Prydz for HOLO 3 nights in NYC (because she’s never seen any other productions that exist like that in the world)


Just as we do with celebs, we asked Clarissa to answer some of our Totally Texan questions, as well as a few ATX-tra things.

Who is your favorite Austin celebrity?

Alright, alright, alright. Definitely Matthew McConaughey, I love how involved he is in the city and giving back any way that he can.

What’s your favorite TV show or movie shot in Austin?

Dazed and Confused because I wished I lived in that era but my favorite director (behind Tarantino) is Terrence Malick and Song to Song would be the next fave.

Who is your favorite Texas band/ musician?

This answer could get me in trouble so I’m going to stay local… I love Blackillac and have gotten to know Phranchyze and Zeale really well. They’re amazing performers and was fortunate to give them an Austin Music Award for Best Hip Hop group this year which was pretty special. But also… Beyonce and Lizzo.

What actor would you classify as “totally Texan?”

Again, the man, the myth, the legend, Matthew McConaughey.

What’s your theme song?

I wouldn’t call it a theme song but more of a song if I was to ever to walk onto a stage and be introduced. The song I want playing is “Sock It To Me” by Missy Elliot. Gets me every time.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Wow, another tough one. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence or Mila Kunis? I feel like they both can laugh at themselves and seem super down to earth and just have fun with it.

What advice do you have for Austinites looking to be successful in social media?

Just do it. You have to be a go-getter and proactive. Everything that I have or I’ve done, I’ve sought out on my own or created an opportunity that spun off into something else. Most importantly though, be yourself and be real. I don’t really know how to be anything but myself and if social media was gone tomorrow, I would still love my life and be the exact same person. Social media is a tool for me to connect with people and support Austin, but my identity isn’t attached to “ATXConcertQueen.” I’m still “Clarissa” and have made friends for life through social media by being who I truly am and doing what I love. 


All photos by Cynthia Dawn Photos.

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