Looking For A Glamping Style Getaway Near Austin? Try Container Camping at Flop Houze
June 21, 2020 |
By Dani Dudek
Flop Houze Glamping

During this time of quarantine and social distancing, AKA lots and lots of alone time, I found myself in need of a change of environment. Being apart from people is hard enough but not experiencing new surroundings is even harder. That’s why I was psyched to head to Flop Houze to experience container camping!

Container Camping

Located in Round Top, Texas, Flop Houze is a stylish “glamping” style set up of six container campers and two quaint guest houses. 

Owner Matt White and his crew from Recycling The Past created this original concept, inspired by an obligations to recycle and a constant need to create.Each Houze has the feel of a quaint artistic cabin, complete with a bedroom, full bath, and kitchen area consisting of a sink and mini fridge. Each container is slightly different as decor and details are original, as is the bed set up in each. While some include one large bed, others are able to accommodate small families.

Here’s a rundown of my visit to Flop Houze:

3pm – Arrive to Round Top late afternoon. Drive through town before heading check in. Stop at Townsend Provisions for a bit of shopping (and to get dinner recs from a local), Prost for a bottle of wine and World’s Smallest Catholic Church for a photo op.

4pm – Check in at Flop Houze (keys are located in lock boxes on containers). Wander the property and take in the ambiance.

4:30pm – Hit the pool. Mod pools designed this adorably kitsch pool, also constructed in a container. Chat with a couple visiting from Dallas (who stay on the opposite side of the pool to avoid contact).

Flop Houze Pool

6pm – Call in and pick up an order at local restaurant The Garden Co. at Round Top (PS, I ordered everything off the appetizers menu). Head back to Flop Houze to ensure I’m back for sunset.

7pm – Pull into the property, now littered with dozens of cattle grazing amongst the recycled finds. Put on a bluegrass record and set up dinner in front of the container’s sliding doors so I can enjoy the animals roaming about. A horse gallops by my porch.

8:15pm – Grab a glass of my locally purchased wine and dreamily watch the sun set while enjoying a nice summer breeze (I was almost chilly when I realized the temp was 79 – those open landscapes really make a difference).

9pm – Relax in my giant puffy bed with more wine and some Netflix on my computer (TVs are not included at Flop Houze and while most would welcome the absence and peace of that, I just can’t).

9am – I rise, make a cup of coffee and enjoy it on the porch overlooking the land. 

11am – Pack up and head out (but not before having an influencer inspired photo shoot on the property).

12pm – Wander around Festival Hill where you’ll find the Round Top Festival Institute, currently closed but the grounds are open. 

1pm – Sip on a frozen bellini/ sangria blended wine pouch at Blue Mule Winery. Super tasty and I highly recommend, though I also recommend keeping your computer far away as the winds are mighty and sticky juice and laptops don’t mix (yep, I fried my laptop. Thank goodness for Apple Care!).

2pm – Hit the road and head back to Austin. The drive is less than an hour an a half from Central Austin.

FYI, there’s a Bucky’s in Bastrop that you can stop at on the way back.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or even with a kid or two, Flop Houze is a great getaway destination. If you’re like me, you haven’t been to Round Top outside of antique season, and it’s totally worth the trip. The town is quaint, the people are insanely friendly and Flop Houze is the perfect place to call home for a night or two.

Get details on pricing and reservations here.

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