Jennie Garth Keeps It Real On Red Carpet At ATX TV Festival
July 17, 2023 |
By Danielle Dudek
Jennie Garth at ATX TV Festival 2023

When Jennie Garth came to the ATX Television Festival in Austin, we got to chat with her on the red carpet. We asked our usual Texas This or That questions. Occasionally, people comment on the celebs’s responses, however, the majority of the comments on our TikTok post are about Garth’s appearance.

Jennie Garth

Here are a few of those comments:

“Love that she is allowing herself to age gracefully!” – @RevivalHomeDesigns

“She is so beautiful! I’m so glad she hasn’t gone crazy with injections or plastic surgery. Love, love, love it.” – @Michelle4292

“Wow it’s insane how seeing her age so beautifully made me emotional. How refreshing. She keeps getting more gorg!” – @user84841924136600

I must say, it’s a nice change to see people commenting complimentary instead of trying to tear someone down.

Now, here’s our her Texas This or That quiz with Jennie Garth!

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