Oh My God, There’s A Friends Themed Neighborhood Near Austin Texas
July 17, 2023 |
By Danielle Dudek
Friends Streets

It seems the developer of a neighborhood just outside of Austin, Texas, is a big Friends fan! Or perhaps it’s the HOA that just can’t get enough of Ross, Rachel and the gang. No matter who it is, they have definitely made their mark on a neighborhood in Taylor, Texas.

After seeing a viral video on TikTok that features all of the creative street names, we had to head out to Taylor to see them for ourselves. Here’s what we found!

There’s A Friends Themed Neighborhood Near Austin, Texas!

We entered the neighborhood on a street named for one of our favorite scenes of all time: PIVOT!

Pivot Friends Street

Ross’s furry friend Marcel has his own court.

Marcel Court Friends

Oh my God, Janice, Heckles and Gunther have their own streets as well.

And speaking of Janice, remember when Chandler broke up with her by saying he was moving to Yemen? Well, check this out.

Yemen Friends Street

And finally, the crown jewel of the neighborhood has to be this corner.

Friends Streets

Now, let’s debate. Were they really on a break?

While you’re in Taylor, stop in at the businesses in the historic district or head to the Old Taylor High School. The latter is now home to a brew pub, arcade, candy shop and more! If you’re a fan of Walker, you’ll see it on screen in season 3 as it stood in for Sacred Heart High in an episode (they also shoot at the Baker School campus in Austin). You can see all of the Walker filming locations here.

Old Taylor High