Exclusive – Southern Charm Events Producer Spills Finale Details and Predictions
June 26, 2017 |
By Dani Dudek
Southern Charm

In preparation of the Southern Charm season four finale, we spoke with ATXgossip pal Lawson Roberts about working on the Bravo reality series.

Over the past three and a half seasons, Roberts has served as the Executive Events Producer and he has seen his share of drama. Lucky for him, he’s behind the scenes so he doesn’t get dragged into the dirty deeds. Not publicly, at least.

The scene at the Gentry Bourbon launch party.

Having designed events for over 20 years, he’s enjoyed producing these high profile parties for TV, and now, he’s taken on yet another challenge.

Roberts is helping cast member JD launch The Gentry Bar (which happens to be hosting a finale viewing party) at the former location of Sermets. The new venue is a bit less stuffy (his words, not mine), more fun and, of course, bourbon-centric. The executive chef is Marvin Woods, who you may know as one of Oprah’s favorite private chefs. Woods was also instrumental in helping Michelle Obama launch her healthy cooking initiative.

Now, let’s get back to the dirt.

We asked Roberts about his favorite Southern Charm moments over the years. Here’s what he had to say.

The Charleston Cup was a notable challenge. That day it was 38 degrees with winds of 25-30 knots. We FROZE. I had living art on site to greet guests. I had the fun of  making that scene appear comfortable for the cast and had to keep them warm at all times.

That got us thinking. What else has gone down that we didn’t get to see?

One of the best scenes that no one ever saw was after Kathryn and Thomas had the big argument running down the dock at the York Town which ended season two. They actually got in the car and ended up having drinks downtown together. Sometimes, even they can get along.

You can see photos of that evening as well as other SC cast encounters on our Facebook page.

Speaking of Thomas and Kathryn, does Roberts think there’s a chance they could reconcile?

There isn’t a chance in hell.

However, I do think is they may eventually find a middle ground to co-parent.

Hopefully. Time will tell.

But if you’re hoping for T-Rav drama on the finale, you’ll likely be disappointed. As the previews suggest, the final dramatic moments will focus on Shep and Craig. Roberts hints that there may even be a fist fight.

We closed out our time with Roberts by asking about each cast member’s future.

Here’s what he predicts for the oh so charming cast, who we can only hope will be returning for a season five.

  I see Landon not ending up with Thomas at this point.

Shep, may actually find love. He has a show coming up soon that sends him on the search for love. Be on the look out for it soon.

Craig I see continuing on his quest to be a lawyer. Will he and Naomi stay together? We sure hope so.

I see Kathryn on the continued hunt to be able to be with her kids. I suppose she needs to not act like a child and be responsible and that may happen.

Thomas will continue doing his daddy duties while still enjoying playing polo.

And, of course, Cameron will welcome her baby girl later in the year.

The Southern Charm season finale airs Monday, June 26, on Bravo.

Cast photos courtesy of NBC/Universal.

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