A Complete Guide To The Film Hypnotic Austin Filming Locations
August 9, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
Hypnotic Filming Locations

Missed the Ben Affleck film Hypnotic when it was in theaters? We’re not surprised as it didn’t last long on the big screen. You can, however, stream the Robert Rodriguez thriller! Keep reading to find out where you can access it, for a fee. But first, let’s talk about all of the Austin filming locations so when you do watch, you’ll know exactly where all of the scenes took place.

Here are all the Hypnotic filming locations in Austin!

  • The scenes of Affleck’s character’s daughter’s disappearance were shot at Mueller Lake Park.
  • The armored car pulls up at “Bank of Austin” in front of the the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas at 903 San Jacinto Boulevard (also a filming location in The Last Thing He Told Me)
  • That explosion and chase take place near Republic Square Park. One scene has a sign for Bettie Naylor Street visible, the portion of West 4th Street located between Congress Avenue and Rio Grande Street.
  • The ensuing chase and standoff happen at State of Texas Garage N at 300 San Antonio Street. The breeze blocks are a giveaway.
  • The Bone Shack is a fictional restaurant in Planet Terror and it makes another appearance in Hypnotic. It’s actually the old Taylor Cafe, located at 101 N. Main Street in Taylor, Texas.
  • The train scene takes place in Cedar Park. Well, at least portions of it do! You can clearly see a train that says Cedar Park on the side in this scene.
  • The lot scenes were shot at Rodriguez’s Double R Productions (formerly known as Troublemaker Studios) located at the former site of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport.
  • The final scene appears as if it was shot at a quarry and we assume it’s in Georgetown near Ronald Reagan Boulevard. That’s where many quarry scenes were shot for Fear the Walking Dead before they left Central Texas.

If you know of any other Austin area filming locations we missed, especially the office building that stood in for the lobby of the Bank of Austin, please DM us on Instagram.

If you want to watch Hypnotic for yourself, here’s where you can stream it:

  • Amazon Prime Video $5.99
  • Vudu $5.99
  • Apple TV $5.99
  • Redbox $4.99

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