The Ultimate Guide To Love and Death Filming Locations
May 25, 2023 |
By Lola Hagopian

All episodes of HBO’s mini-series Love and Death starring Austinite Jesse Plemons and Elizabeth Olsen are now streaming. We had been waiting for what feels like forever to see the series! That might be because we discovered they were filming in the Austin area back in 2021! Now that it’s out we can finally spill the tea on all the filming locations.

Here is your ultimate guide to all of the Love and Death filming locations.

The series is based on a true story that took place in Wylie, Texas just outside of Dallas proper. While the real-life events took place in Wylie, almost all the filming was done in Austin and surrounding cities. They filmed in Kyle, Bastrop, La Grange, Hutto, Lockhart, Seguin, Smithville, San Marcos, Coupland, Killeen, Kerrville and Georgetown. They sure did get around!

Here are more details on the filming locations.

  • Allan and Betty Gore’s house is located at 9403 Queenswood Drive in the Castlewood Forest neighborhood in Austin. However, the home’s interiors were filmed on a soundstage in Kyle.
  • In the first episode, you’ll briefly see Saegert Middle School in Seguin doubling as the fictional Plainview Elementary School.
  • In the episode 3 scene where Alan and Candy end things, they filmed at June Hill Pape Riverwalk Trail in Bastrop.
  • The diner where Candy and Allan are seen at several times in the series was Lil Charlie’s in Lockhart. It might look a little different on screen since it was painted for the series.
  • The University Inn in San Marcos served as the Dallas Continental Inn. With the magic of CGI, it sure looked like it was set in Dallas instead of San Marcos!

Photo on left courtesy of HBO Max


  • Prior to this still’s release Elizabeth Olsen and Krysten Ritter were spotted walking the streets of Downtown Smithville, now we know what they were up to! They were filming at the Back Door Café on Main Street. A lot of things have been filmed in Smithville, like Hope Floats starring Sandra Bullock.
  • The screening of Grease was filmed at the Palace Theatre in downtown Seguin.
  • Candy and Alan’s affair takes place at the Cottonwood Inn Motel in La Grange.
  • The Royal Coach Inn in Dallas, where the Marriage Encounter workshop takes place, was filmed at the Inn Of The Hills Hotel and Conference Center in Kerrville.

The behind-the-scenes photo from Loveanddeathhbo on Instagram

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Photo of Elizabeth Olsen courtesy of HBO Max


Photo on the left courtesy of HBO Max and photo on right courtesy of Hyde Park Christian Church via Facebook.

  • Several scenes were filmed at the Hyde Park Christian Church in Austin. In Love and Death, it was made to look as though it was constructed right next to a smaller Lutheran church, but in reality, they aren’t even in the same city.
  • Schultz Saloon in Seguin is the bar where Candy and her friend Sherry Cleckler are having a drink after the Volleyball game.
  • Back in 2021 we saw that they were filming some exterior shots around the Crestview Shopping Center in Austin. We love that the shopping center still feels like old Austin, so it makes perfect sense they filmed there since the series is set in the 80s.

As always, we encourage you to check out these locales, stop and take pictures but we ask that you please be mindful. These are not just prop houses or buildings but real homes and establishments. Be respectful and courteous with your approach.

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Feature photo via HBO Max.