Everything Chuck Bass (aka Ed Westwick) Did While Visiting Austin
August 10, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
Ed Westwick

He’s Chuck Bass, and he just visited Austin for the first time! Ed Westwick spend some time in the ATX this week and he documented his adventures on his Instagram account.

Here’s everything Ed Westwick did in Austin!

Stayed at the Four Seasons

It was pretty obvious where the former Gossip Girl star stayed while in town. He posted about a dozen videos and photos documenting his hotel stay at the Four Seasons Austin.

Photos via Ed Westwick’s official Instagram account.

Went Wakeboarding

He stated that this was his first trip to Austin and also showed video of himself wakeboarding for the first time on Lake Austin.

Ate (or at least drank) at Hula Hut

Westwick posted a video walking on the boardwalk at Hula Hut as well as video of his girlfriend drinking a marg.

Saw a Show at Comedy Mothership

In both his feed and stories the Brit posted video of the sign at Comedy Mothership, thanking them for a fun show in his story.

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Featured photo via Ed Westwick on Instagram.