This Was The Best SXSW Pop Up of 2023 – Roku City
March 21, 2023 |
By Lola Hagopian
Welcome to roku city

SXSW 2023 is over and after 10 days full of music, movies, pop ups and more we’re ready to share our favorite experiences. Last year our favorite pop up was Fort Worth House. This year, we’re excited to share that it was Roku City.

Here’s why Roku City was our favorite SXSW 2023 Pop Up!

Roku City was this year’s most anticipated pop up with the Roku Diner waitlist filling up in minutes! Now we know why. Roku took over The Riley building which is a three level building located at 315 Lavaca Street.

Roku City was like stepping into the Roku TV screensaver. Each room was full of interesting characters, fun activities, free stuff and amazing attention to detail! They even had a Willy Wonka moment. At one point guests were offered a candy bar which you open hoping to find a purple ticket. If you found a purple ticket, you could win a Roku streaming stick or a 55-inch TV courtesy of Best Buy!

Our favorite part of the pop up had to be the rooftop! Those lucky enough to get a diner reservation could sit down and eat at the diner. Even if guests didn’t have a reservation, they still received free coins that could be redeemed for a cupcake, coffee and drink! There was also a fun picture op where you could snap a picture on a purple couch with an animated Friends backdrop!

While reservations for the diner were hard to come by, it was worth it! The pop culture and purple themed menu featured a great variety of yummy food.

With tasty treats, swag and an overall good vibe, Roku City was a smashing success! We can’t wait to see what Roku does next year!

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