Here’s What Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan Had To Say About Austin At SXSW Premiere  
March 16, 2023 |
By Lola Hagopian
Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan hit the red carpet this week for the premiere of Apple+’s STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie. The film tells Fox’s incredible story while incorporating documentary, archival and scripted elements. We had the chance to chat with Fox and his wife on the carpet and, of course, we had to ask about Austin!

Michael J. Fox and Tracey Pollan Talk About Austin at SXSW 2023:


Talking about Austin with Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollan on the red carpet of their new Apple+ film. #sxsw2023 #sxsw #michaeljfox #austintxtiktok #spilltheatx

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Fox and Pollan met on the set of Family Ties in 1985. While they have one of the longest marriages in Hollywood, it turns out they don’t always do everything together! When asked about how it felt to be premiering at the Austin festival, Pollan said she had never even been to Texas. As you can see in the clip, Fox has told her how great it is and was happy to be proven right on this trip. Both Pollan and Fox are an inspiration and we were so glad to have them here in Austin to premiere such an incredible film.

Here’s what we thought about STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie:

Utilizing archival footage from Fox’s television and film career, as well as present day interviews, the film tells the icon’s life story. Expert editing weaves together his fictional characters to match his real life journey from the beginning of his career to now. His battle with Parkinson’s is honestly explored with humor and grit. At one point in the doc, Fox falls flat on the street while a fan is passing by saying how great it is to meet him. He quips back, “Yeah, you knocked me off my feet!” The eternal optimist, you’ll see Fox and his entire family face their challenges full on.

If you want to watch STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie it is set to premiere on May 12 on Apple+. Find more details here.

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