The Miss Congeniality Starbucks Is Closing
August 3, 2022 |
By Allison Moujaes
Miss Congeniality

In case you haven’t heard, Austin’s first Starbucks will be closing towards the end of August. But that’s not the only thing that makes this Starbucks famous. Did you know a scene in Miss Congeniality was filmed at this very Starbucks?

That’s right! That scene may look like it takes place in NYC but it’s actually Austin lined with fake props. The real giveaway is the Schlotzky’s in plain view across the street.

Sandra Bullock’s character Gracie Hart comedically drives through the city with her sirens to get to Starbucks. When she gets there she pushes through the long line (which isn’t unusual for that Starbucks location) using her FBI badge and proceeds to order a long list of beverages.

According to IMDb, the people working at Starbucks in the scene were their actual employees.

The movie was filmed in multiple locations in the city and used to be a popular place to spot Miss Sandy.

Did you know she owns Walton’s Fancy & Staple, located right down the street from the 6th and Congress Starbucks? 

Besides its famed appearance in Miss Congeniality, it was a popular spot for business meetings and getting coffee before heading to work.

The reason for the closure? The company says it’s part of their “standard course of business.” This Starbucks location will be brewing its last cup on August 21, in case anyone wants to recreate the iconic scene from the movie.

Here’s the list of Gracie’s order:

  • Eight double-tall lattes. One with no foam.
  • Five decaf lattes with a long straw.
  • Four caramel macchiatos.
  • Double up on the cup.
  • Two blueberry scones with the little granules on top.
  • And one Starbucks compilation CD.

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