Here’s Why Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Live in Austin Anymore
May 13, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek
Sandra Bullock

For years we’ve seen articles listing Sandra Bullock as an Austin resident. Though she owns a house and a business in the ATX, she rarely seems to be in town. Now we know why!

In December 2021 Bullock stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and the two of them discussed Texas. To kick things off, Clarkson said, “You’re not originally from Texas but you loved it so much you moved there.”

Bullock replies that yes, she moved to Austin. “It’s a good place,” she says.

However, we can assume she’s talking about the past as she moved to Austin the early 2000s. Though she did attend SXSW this year in support of her film The Lost City, the Oscar winner spends very little time in the area these days. And we finally know why!

When Clarkson asks where she spends most of her time, Bullock says that since her kids are in school, she’s in LA. “You go where the kid are happiest,” she explains.

She still holds Austin in high regard stating,”I love Austin! Austin has the vibe of whatever you have going on, it’s OK.”

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Speaking of that time she spent at SXSW, while on the red carpet the Austin American-Statesman asked her to share some advice for newbies. “If people come here and they appreciate what it has going and don’t try to change it, I say welcome. Just make sure the community is taken care of, “she says. “Don’t try to change it. It’s perfect.”

Now, the bigger question is: did a Sandra Bullock / Matthew McConaughey reunion happen while she was in town?

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