Spill The aTx Movie Review! SXSW Film Bodies Bodies Bodies Hits the Big Screen
August 9, 2022 |
By Allison Moujaes
Bodies Bodies Bodies

SXSW is notorious for premiering some great films that later go on to hit the big screens! This year one of those movies was Bodies Bodies Bodies. The movie stars Pete Davidson, Lee Pace, Amanda Stenberg and Rachel Sennott. Most of the cast attended the SXSW red carpet premiere and threw out words like “chaos, fun, violent and twisted,” to describe the film. Keep reading to find out if they were right!

Spill The aTx Film Review – Bodies Bodies Bodies

The A24 indie film centers around a murder mystery among a group of friends from wealthy families who are stuck in a mansion during a hurricane. This leads to a situation where every character has the possibility of being either a victim or the elusive murderer. Tension is present as soon as the movie begins and increasingly worsens as the story goes on. While it keeps you guessing throughout, the film ends with a different, twisted path than what the audience would assume.

The director best describes the main theme as “Are we animals or are we civilized in times of extreme fear?” The film takes a deeper look into how primal humans act, especially in absurd moments. For most of the cast, this gave them a chance at experimental acting. They leaned into the theme and put a lot of themselves into their characters. Other themes explored include toxic relationships and communication issues.

This film succeeds at being unsettling but never becomes overwhelming. It fits more into the dark comedy genre with thriller elements than the horror category. Even so, it’s a film that doesn’t hold your hand and lets you imagine your own conclusions. The film’s brutal ending proves just how far people can fall when left with only paranoia in their mind.

If you are looking for fun and thrills, it’s worth checking out Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Rating: 4/5

This review was written with the assistance of Trey Trieschock

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