Step Inside The Coolest Speakeasy Bar Near Austin Texas
January 9, 2024 |
By Dani Dudek
Speakeasy Marble Falls

Austin is filled with Speakeasy style bars. Some feel like legit 1920’s era joints while others simply feel like a business capitalizing on the trend. That’s why I was so psyched to find the most authentic and coolest speakeasy just outside of Austin in Marble Falls, Texas.

It’s called Sips on Second and you enter via a London style phone booth. But first, you have to know about it so you can make a reservation. That’s how you get the code to enter. Then, once it’s your time, you head to the phone booth, pick up the receiver and give your code word.

Once the door opens, you are welcomed into a quaint and quirky art deco style lounge. They offer classic cocktails as well as unique updated drink options.

Oh, and make sure you follow the house rules. They are as follows:

  • Dress sharply and speak easy.
  • Have patience. Craft cocktails take time.
  • No phone calls. This is a text only establishment.
  • Brawling is bad form. Keep your butt in your seat and your nose in your own business.

Step inside and see the speakeasy for yourself here:

What: Sips on Second
Where: 118 Main Street, Marble Falls
How: Make a reservation at

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