Can You Believe This Is The Most Watched Movie Of The 90s?
August 31, 2021 |
By Dani Dudek

These results are straight up cuckoo! I’m legitimately shocked by which 90s movie is the most watched movie in Texas.

It’s not Rolling Stone’s #1 greatest movie of the 90sGoodfellas.

No, it’s not Rotten Tomato’s #1 essential 90s moviePulp Fiction.

Nope, it’s not Marie Claire’s top ranking 90s romantic comedyYou’ve Got Mail.

It’s not Forrest Gump, though that flick ranks as #1 is South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

The 90s movie most searched by Texans is… The Lion King!

most watched movie

It actually ranks as the most searched 90s movie in the US, coming in #1 in 18 states. Ghost and Mrs. Doubtfire tie for second most-searched 90s film, each with five states searching for them the most.

Here’s the most watched movie for every state in the US:

Alabama • Forrest Gump
Alaska • Toy Story 2
Arizona • Independence Day
Arkansas • The Lion King
California • Mrs. Doubtfire
Colorado • Mrs. Doubtfire
Connecticut • Ghost
Delaware • The Lion King
Florida • The Lion King
Georgia • Forrest Gump
Hawaii • Armageddon
Idaho • Aladdin
Illinois • The Lion King
Indiana • Mrs. Doubtfire
Iowa • Twister
Kansas • Saving Private Ryan
Kentucky • The Lion King
Lousiana • The Lion King
Maine • Independence Day
Maryland • Ghost
Massachusetts • The Lion King
Michigan • The Lion King
Minnesota • The Lion King
Mississippi • Men in Black
Missouri • The Lion King
Montana • Ghost
Nebraska • Twister
Nevada • Armageddon
New Hampshire • Independence Day
New Jersey • Ghost
New Mexico • The Lion King
New York • Ghost
North Carolina • The Lion King
North Dakota • Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me
Ohio • The Lion King
Oklahoma • Twister
Oregon • Mrs. Doubtfire
Pennsylvania • The Lion King
Rhode Island • Aladdin
South Carolina • Forrest Gump
South Dakota • Beauty and the Beast
Tennessee • The Lion King
Texas • The Lion King
Utah • Beauty and the Beast
Vermont • Mrs. Doubtfire
Virginia • The Lion King
Washington • The Lion King
West Virginia • Independence Day
Wisconsin •
Wyoming • Men in Black

Data to support this list was complied on behalf of Frontier Bundles.