Be On The Lookout, Bennifer May Be Coming To Austin This Week
September 23, 2021 |
By Lola Hagopian

We can thank Covid-19 for pushing the production of Robert Rodriguez’s newest project Hypnotic from Los Angeles to Austin. While we don’t know much more about the film itself, we do know it stars Ben Affleck.

When news originally broke about production moving to Austin, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had not been Bennifer for about 17 years. Now Bennifer is back and they’re coming to our block, so keep your eyes peeled. Though Jen is reportedly filming in Canada starting in October, we still expect her to stay with Ben at times throughout the next couple of months (we know that Ben secured a condo in Central Austin).

Back to Hypnotic…

Here’s what we know so about Hypnotic far:

  • It’s written by Austin’s very own Robert Rodriguez, along with Max Borenstein.
  • Rumor has it it’s not just filmed in Austin but the script is also set in Austin!
  • The film also stars Hala Finley (We Can Be Heroes and Man With A Plan) and Alice Braga (Queen Of The South).
  • The film is described as a modern Hitchcockian thriller.
  • It will be filmed at Rodriguez’s East Troublemaker Studios.
  • The plot involves a “secret government program” and “high-end crime.”
  • There’s a chance Danny Trejo might make a cameo!
  • Hypnotic is creating hundreds of jobs and making millions of dollars for the Texas economy.

We can’t wait to hear and see more about Hypnotic which is set to start filming in Austin on Monday, September 27!

Featured photos by:

Ben Affleck | Gage Skidmore Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0
Jennifer Lopez | Nicole Alexander Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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