It’s Official, Matthew McConaughey is Joining Yellowstone
April 4, 2023 |
By Lola Hagopian

A few months ago, rumor had it that Matthew McConaughey would be joining Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe. Now we know there was some truth to those rumors. McConaughey will be joining the series after all – in a spinoff series.

Here’s everything we know about the Yellowstone spinoff!

The earlier rumors about McConaughey joining the Yellowstone universe surrounded around Kevin Costner not returning to the series. Turns out that the spinoff is actually moving forward regardless of whether Costner returns or exits the series.

While it’s undeniable that Costner is a major part of the original Yellowstone series no one has come forward to put any truth to the rumors of his departure. The most common rumor is that it’s due to disagreements over Costner’s filming schedule. We don’t know anything for sure but we’ll find out if he returns or exits the series sooner or later!

The Tea on McConaughey’s Yellowstone Extension

They’re calling McConaughey’s spinoff a Yellowstone extension, which isn’t all too surprising considering the number of spinoffs Yellowstone has actually garnered. In fact, Taylor Sheridan’s universe is supposed to get even bigger. The extension is one of more than 10 projects in the works with Paramount Network and Paramount+, including 1883 and 1923.

Matthew McConaughey wouldn’t be the first Austin-related celebrity to join the Yellowstone universe. Dazed and Confused co-star Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler on the series. We sat down for a one-on-one interview with Hauser that you can read all about here.

We recently chatted with Yellowstone actor Jen Landon, aka Teeter, on the carpet for the CMT Awards in Austin. When she complained that our Texas This or That questions were too hard, we noted that we could’ve made things worse by asking her to choose between McConaughey and Costner. Watch it here:

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