Everything Magnolia Market and 5 + More Reasons to Visit Waco
July 19, 2022 |
By Lola Hagopian

Chip and Joanna Gaines have become household names these days. But the Waco natives never anticipated that when they opened the Magnolia Market on Bosque.

They also had no idea that when they started flipping houses in 2003 that almost 10 years later they would host their own HGTV show. That show, of course, was Fixer Upper. The success of their show not only put Waco on the map but it also gave Chip and Joanna a cult following.

Chip and Joanna don’t make too many appearances at Silos since they’re busy raising their five kids and expanding their vast empire. The Times 100 couple now have ventures in: paint, rugs, wallpaper, furniture, books, magazines, a bakery, restaurant, stores, coffeeshop and now network.

We don’t know about you but we’re feeling pretty darn lazy right about now.

Here’s a guide of all the Magnolia related things you need to see while you’re in Waco!

Magnolia Table – Serving breakfast and lunch, all ingredients are sourced from local gardens and farms.

Magnolia Stay – You can now stay in a few of Chip and Joannas renovated homes. Magnolia House, Hillcrest Estate and Carriage House are just a few available to rent. They have weekday and weekend rates for each on their sites.

Magnolia Market – Located inside the Silos you can get everything you see on the Magnolia website in store. From decor to t-shirts, they have it all set up just as you’d imagine Joanna would.

Silos Barking Co. – The first thing you need to do once you walk up to Silos is go inside the bakery. Upon walking in you will be hit with the sweet aroma of cupcakes and coffee! We can’t even recommend something because everything is delicious!

Magnolia Warehouse /Little Shop of Bosque – The original store Chip and Joanna opened in 2003 is still up and running. The store is now a warehouse for out of season or damaged items which are now on sale. It’s a great place to pick up some discounts and see where it all started.

Magnolia Seed and Supply – Located inside Silos, just past the market and food truck yard, you’ll find a garden as well as a garden supply store. Inside you can ask any of the employees questions in regards to plants and they’re all knowledgeable and willing to help!

Magnolia Press – Magnolia now has its own coffee shop and cafe. Joanna posted some interior shots last week and it’s looking pretty on brand with the rest of Magnolia. 

More Reasons to Visit Waco 

Chip and Joanna might have put Waco on the map but that’s not the only reasons to visit. The Gaines’ love Waco because they grew up there and they want to see it thrive, so make sure that if you have the time that you explore more of what Waco as a lot to offer! We suggest checking out the Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco Suspension Bridge & Cattle Drive Sculptures, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum and another fun farm style shop just down the road from the Silos, The Findery.

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