The Best Pop Culture Themed Airbnbs in Texas and Beyond
September 1, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek

Wishing you could spend the night in a house featuring your favorite TV show or movie? You might just be able to make that dream come true! We found some amazing pop culture themed Airbnbs in Texas and beyond.

Here are the best pop culture themed Airbnbs!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Location: Buda, Texas

You can find this Breakfast at Tiffany’s Airbnb at Doc’s Drive-In Theater in Buda, Texas. Appropriately named “The Audrey, the tiny house is packed with so much Holly Golightly goodness.

See more of this Airbnb here.

Harry Potter
Location: Buda, Texas

Right next door to The Audrey, you’ll find the Wizarding World Tiny Home. The only thing you’ll need to bring along to make your stay complete is your house robes. And if you aren’t sure which house you belong in, don’t worry. There’s a sorting hat on site to help! 

See more of this Airbnb here.

Planning a visit to Wizarding World at Universal Studios? Here are all the things you shouldn’t miss!

Home Alone
Location: Dallas, Texas

Celebrate the holidays with your nearest and dearest in a house that feels straight out of the 1990s Christmas flick. And here’s a bonus: The Kevin includes a FREE Cheese Pizza delivery?

More info here.

Saved By The Bell
Location: Dallas, Texas

The Saved by the 90s House, also called “The Slater,” includes more than Saved By The Bell memorabilia. But the kitchen gives us total The Max vibes – and the rest of the 90s decor will also make you feel like you’re hanging with Preppy and the gang!


Long live the 90s! Would you stay at this Dallas Airbnb? #savedbythebell #ilovethe90s #airbnbfinds

♬ Saved By The Bell – TV Themes

More info here.

Back to the Future
Location: Dallas, Texas

This house is all 80s and it will definitely take you back. Though it doesn’t just feature Back to the Future decor, the Back to the 80s house, AKA “The McFly,” will have you looking around for a Delorian and wondering why we STILL don’t have hover boards at our disposal.

More info here.

Toy Story
Location: El Paso, Texas

Have the ultimate Toy Story experience at this Airbnb in El Paso. The home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a whole lot of color.

More info here.

Now this Airbnb is really out of this world!

Star Wars
Location: Champion’s Gate, Florida

The Twelve Parsecs” near Orlando feels like an extension of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It has nine bedrooms, 15 beds and five bathrooms. We don’t know about y’all, but this place is giving us new hope!

More info here.

There’s also a very magical Harry Potter House available in this neighborhood as well.

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