Brittany Snow’s Star-Studded Directorial Debut Parachute
March 27, 2023 |
By Lola Hagopian

You might know Brittany Snow from her roles in Pitch Perfect and John Tucker Must Die but now she’s taking on the role of director, writer, and producer. Snow brought her star-studded directorial debut Parachute to SXSW and the film took home multiple jury and special awards. Those awards include: Special Jury Award for Performance, Janet Pierson Champion Award and the Thunderbird Rising Special Award.

Here’s the tea on the Brittany Snow helmed film Parachute

Synopsis: Ethan and Riley both got out of precarious situations on the exact same day. Ethan recently got out of jail for throwing a wine bottle off a balcony. Riley just got out of rehab for an eating disorder, love addiction and suicide attempt. The two meet and just “click.” To Ethan, all of Riley’s flaws are beautiful, and he wants to help her see herself the way he does. Riley adores Ethan and is inspired by his talent and selflessness. They are soulmates. The world makes sense when they only take it on together. Doesn’t it?

Cast: Courtney Eaton, Thomas Mann, Scott Mescudi (AKA Kid Cudi), Francesca Reale, Gina Rodriguez, Joel McHale, Kathryn Gallagher, Dave Bautista, Chrissie Fit, Lukas Gage, Kelley Jakle.

Parachute has not yet been picked up for distribution but looking at the reviews we have no doubt it will be! Here’s one that really stood out.

There have been movies before about women with eating disorders. But this may be one of the first for the Gen Z and younger generations that nails just how tentacular the psychology of such conditions can be, entwined with family dysfunction, social media influence and the run-of-the-mill patriarchy.

Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

We were lucky enough to attend the film’s post screening party at Higher Ground and it was the place to be! In addition to Snow, we spotted Robert Schwartzman, Chrissie Fit, Matt Walsh, Courtney Eaton and Thomas Mann.

(L-R) Courtney Eaton, Brittany Snow and Thomas Mann attend the “Parachute” Premiere Party.
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Yale Entertainment.

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