Veronica Mars Could Have Been Set at Westlake High And Other Facts Marshmallows Will Love – ATX Television Festival 2019 Recap
July 2, 2019 |
By Lola Hagopian
Veronica Mars

When Rob Thomas, Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III, and Enrico Colantoni first agreed to do a Veronica Mars panel at ATX Television Festival, we’re betting they did not expect the scream heard around the world. Okay, fine, the scream heard around the Paramount Theater.

Before the panelist graced us with their presence they first honored us with a sneak peak of the series’ upcoming return to Hulu. Mere second in, it felt like rediscovering an old song you used to love and finding it more relatable than ever. The first scene closes in on a conversation between Veronica and Keith and the mention of the ‘L’ word. Dare I say it? LOGAN! A girl in the audience gave the shrillest, swooniest scream I’ve ever witnessed in my life. To be honest, I probably would not have faulted her outburst had she waited a few seconds longer to actually witness the man himself coming out of the ocean in a pair of tiny swim trunks and a surfboard. Sorry for objectifying you Jason Dohring and Jason Dohrings’ wife! Blame Rob Thomas.

Speaking of Rob, the Austin native revealed that Veronica Mars was originally going to be a book about a teenage boy. And even more interesting:

Veronica Mars was going to be based off our very own Westlake High School where Rob was actually a teacher before moving out to LA.

He claimed that spending so much time around teenage girls helped him get into the mindset of writing for Veronica Mars. Lucky for us Marshmallows the whole boy thing didn’t work out. It’s hard to imagine Neptune without Veronica Mars and it’s hard to imagine Veronica Mars without Kristen Bell. Vince Mars, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. 

Veronica Mars just won’t die. They’ve created something that lives and breathes and it’s been such an experience to watch it progress. The first season of Veronica Mars aired in September of 2004. Yep, you read that correctly. I said 2004. The show was canceled in 2007 after just three seasons.

So here we were, us Marshmallows, mourning the loss of our beloved series. Little did we know that all we had to do was wait just seven short years. 

In March of 2013 Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas started a Kickstarter to get Veronica Mars made into a movie. I suppose they too were unhappy with how things ended due to the cancelation. The Kickstarter goal was $2 million dollars. They ended up raising $5,702,153 by the end of the campaign. And guess what? They made a movie, which happened to make its world premiere at SXSW 2014.

In 2014 they also attempted to make a mini web series on CW Seed staring Ryan Hansen and his stupid but lovable character Dick Casablancas. The web series included appearances by almost all of the original cast. So, we all thought that was it: the Kickstarter movie was the closure to the Veronica Mars universe that we never got!

Then, just last year, Hulu decided to do us all a solid and announced that we get to spend spring break in Neptune for an eight episode series steaming in its entirety on July 26. 


During the ATX Television Festival Rob Thomas announced that throughout July, all three original seasons of Veronica Mars will stream on Hulu. Hulu, the gift that keeps on giving!

So there you have it Marshmallows. You have 25 glorious days to watch and rewatch, then rewatch and analyze every second of the original series before the new episodes come out on July 26.

If you don’t get my marshmallow reference then you also have 25 days to devour every second of the original series. Better get on it! 

If you are a die hard marshmallow, we invite you to come back here after the 26th and let us know what you think about the new series. 

And finally, if you’re a marshmallow in the making, stop what you’re doing and go watch! Take advantage of the four day weekend. 

Happy Fourth of July from the ATX Gossip gals!

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