Here’s Who Had Us Laughing Out Loud at Moontower Comedy Festival 2022
April 27, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek

Moontower Comedy Festival can always be counted on to bring the laughs. And now that the team has joined forces with Just For Laughs, the festival is even better than ever. We already told you about the SNL comedians who took the stage at the 2022 fest.

Now, here are three other Moontower acts that had us laughing out loud.

Tim Dillon

Known for his podcast “The Tim Dillon Show,” stand up comedian Tim Dillon rocked a very packed crowd at the Paramount. The audience featured is usual crowd. One that a guest seated near us described as, “Just a bunch of 22 to 30-year-old dudes and the girls they dragged with them.” Dillon has become a regular on the Austin comedy scene as he moved to the Hill Country during the pandemic. He’s known to not be the biggest fan of the ATX and he made sure the Paramount crowd knew it. Of course, even when he’s hating on our fair city, this guy is a riot.

Trevor Wallace

Following Austin resident comedian Tony Castillo’s opening act, Trevor Wallace took to the Paramount stage sporting a Buc-ee’s Hawaiian shirt. He apparently bought it earlier that day during a visit to the mecca of all rest stops during his treck from Dallas to Austin. Highlights of the YouTube comedic skit artist’s set included jokes about Austin’s meaningful graffiti scene and the overly saturated bachelor/ bachelorette scene (usually featuring a PubCrawler). He also made a very accurate joke that compares Dirty Sixth to an IG feed.

Michelle Buteau

Known for her comedic comments as a host of Netflix’s The Circle, Michelle Buteau started things off at the Paramount by posing for photos in her Texas inspired outfit (which was simply a floral dress with cowboy boots). The majority of her show focused on what she and her family did for quarantine and relatable stories about parenthood. Her fun-loving personality and comedy-filled life stories never fail to make us laugh. She finished her set by shouting out The Circle‘s season four premiere which is happening next month.

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