Tasty Tuesday, brought to you by Whalburgers
September 20, 2016 |
By Dani Dudek
Photo courtesy of Whalburgers Facebook page.

Back in March, we posted that we couldn’t be more excited about Whalburgers expanding to some of our very favorite cities.

Those cities include Atlanta, Savannah, Los Angeles, Charlotte, San Francisco and Charleston, South Carolina. But that’s not all. 30 new locations will open in seven states. 

Since its 2011 debut in Hingham, Massachusetts,  the gourmet burger chain founded by the Whalberg brothers has expanded steadily. Over the next several years, Wahlburgers will expand to 118 locations total.

Have you tried the hunks’ hamburgers? Are they as good as their mother Alma is on their A&E show? Seriously, Alma is an angel. How she put up with all those boys is a miracle.



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