SXSW Flashback – The Best of 2019
March 15, 2020 |
By Dani Dudek

Well, since SXSW is canceled and the world is shutting down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I guess that means I’ve got plenty of time to write. And it makes sense to reminisce about SXSW since this is the week it would be happening.

To get things started, I’m reflecting on the best of the fest in 2019.

The most famous person we saw was Charlize Theron, though Woody Harrelson ranks as a close second. The most entertaining celeb we saw was Busy Philipps. Our favorite photo op was the desk from The Office, located at the Comcast NBCU House. Tom Cullen and Tatiana Maslany rank as cutest couple. And the best installation/ activation was Audible’s Heads Will Roll event, which you can read more about here.

We actually ranked all of our top installs here.

Here are more SXSW 2019 faves.

Most Random Run In

Though we spotted a handful of celebs we were’t aware were in town, our fave was Brooke Davis, AKA Sophia Bush.

Celeb Who Looks Most Amazing

This one goes to Judith Light. Your light still shines bright, Angela Bower!

Biggest Badass

This one is a three-way tie between Pamela Adlon and the ladies of Late Night, Jenny Hagel and Amber Ruffin.


Celeb We Almost Didn’t Recognize

Has Will Forte always been this thin or did he drop some weight?

Best Party

Though we happened to be at three birthday celebrations on Sunday, the best one most definitely had to be the Booksmart party. Read more about it here. By the way, the other bdays were Jay Duplass and Pollyanna Macintosh.

Olivia Wilde

Cutest Couple

Tom Cullen and Tatiana Maslany are the cutest. Enough said. FYI, Maslany liked this pic so much she posted it on her IG feed.

Most True to Character

Interviewed June Diane Raphael and Brooklyn Decker at the Texas Film Awards and it felt like I popped right into an episode of Grace and Frankie.

Nicest Celeb

Ben Platt is a doll. We caught up with the Tony winner at the Run This Town afterparty.

Best Austiny Thing We Saw

When Busy Philipps hosted her Busy Tonight talk show at SXSW’s Comcast NBCU house, she received a surprise from pal Whitney Cummings. The Central Texas Pig Rescue showed up with Joe, the pig Cummings rescued from the California wild fires, as well as a big boy named Maxwell.

Pretty sure they brought a very large pig to make it adamantly clear that there is no such thing as a “micro pig” and any pig you purchase can grow to be hundreds of pounds.

Favorite ATXgossip Interview Question

It was our favorite question but I’m not sure it was MY favorite answer.

We forced inductees and presenters at the Texas Film Awards to choose who is more Texan: Willie Nelson or Matthew McConaughey. I thought this would be a difficult decision. Turns out it’s not. Every single person said Willie.

Office Space Stars Gary Cole (l) and David Herman (r).

Favorite Non-SXSW Show

Hands down, the best non-SXSW show or event that happens while the fest is in session is Luck Reunion. No contest.

Favorite Musical Act

There were so many amazing artists at the festival this year, but no one can compare to Joan Jett. Not for this 80s loving gal, that is.


Most Unexpected Celebrity Sighting

We had no idea that Jax and Brittany from Vanderpump Rules would be on hand at the Media Temple/ Daily Mail Party serving up Jax’s new drink mixer line Just Add X. Read more about it here.

Most Unexpected Moment Overall

Dancing with Danielle Brooks (whom you most likely recognize from Orange is the New Black) at the A-List Communications Supper Suite will rank as one of my favorite moments until the end of time.


Favorite Movie

Though we saw a handful of documentaries this year, including the much anticipated Becoming Leslie, our fave was The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story. I’m actually a bit surprised by how many times I have discussed this film since the screening.


Best Place to Discover New Bands

As in past years, the place/ party where we discovered the most new and talented bands was the Rachael Ray Feedback House. This year’s highlights include The Cold Irons, Jamie N Commons and Castlecomer.

Rachael Ray

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