Parker Posey Would Be Happy to Be Quarantined in Austin
March 13, 2020 |
By Dani Dudek

When Parker Posey hosted the Texas Film Awards in Austin on Thursday, the actress made quite a few timely jokes related to COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. And y’all, it IS ok to joke about the virus. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Of course, everyone here at ATXgossip understands the severity of the outbreak, but we also agree that life goes on and we’re taking every precaution personally to stay safe. We hope you are too.

Now, back to Posey. The “Queen of the Indies” is no stranger to the ATX as she has shot three movies in the Austin area: Dazed and Confused, Waiting for Guffman, and Suburbia.

After kicking off her hosting duties by announcing, “Hey everybody, I just washed my hands,” she proceeded to sing “Happy Birthday” TWICE while illustrating proper hand washing process.

Following the tutorial, she stated, “I love this town. I could be quarantined here and happy for several weeks.”

Later in the show, when she welcomed Richard Linklater to the stage, the pair showed off their social distancing skills with a special greeting they choreographed.

Though the evening wasn’t as star studded as it has been in years past, the event was a success, raising more than $380,000 for Austin Film Society’s filmmaker support programs.

Oh, and here’s a little tidbit that may excite you. The awards show was held at Austin Studios which currently serves as home base for the Queer Eye gang.

Posey wasn’t the only familiar face on stage during the show. Erykah Badu was there to accept the Soundtrack Award wearing a high fashion hazmat suit. Read more about that

Erykah Badu

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