Southern Charm Season 6 New Promo, New Cast Members, New Drama?
March 27, 2019 |
By Dani Dudek
Southern Charm

Just this morning I posted about the Southern Charm trailer being held due to Thomas Ravenel’s legal matters. It appears that I spoke too soon as the team at Bravo released the season 6 trailer and announced a premiere date mere hours later.

While T-Rav won’t be back for the new season (though it appears Trashley makes an appearance in at least one episode), the rest of the gang will return as well as new cast additions.

That’s Eliza Limehouse seated front and center. As a ninth generation native of Charleston, Eliza is a known socialite around the Holy City. Her father Chip Limehouse is a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and owns the real estate company Limehouse Properties. Eliza works for the family business by managing and renovating the Charleston hotels in their portfolio. A part-time model, she co-owns Plantation Candle Company and has her own jewelry line called Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company, which she started while still in high school.

Our sources tell us Bravo wanted her to be more prominently featured in previous seasons but they obviously weren’t able to make that happen. Until now.

We also hear that Charleston designer and Gwynn’s Brand Consultant Chelsie Ravenell and wife Jacquelyn will also be seen mingling with the cast this season.

That’s Jacquelyn second from the left hanging with Naomie, Kathryn and Gwynn’s owner Madison Simon.

Haven’t seen the trailer/ sneak peek yet for season 6 of Southern Charm? Have no fear, we’ve got it right here.

My favorite part of the trailer is Patricia and Michael acting like she has a “usual” order at McDonald’s. Pulling her Bentley into the drive through, he orders a cheeseburger without tomato on it. That’s a clear giveaway he’s never been to McDonald’s. #stuntgag

Actually, my real favorite part is the last four notes of the music at the end of the piece. No, no, no, it’s Cameran falling in the yard. Wait, no, it’s Chelsea telling Craig he needs to check his pants for a vagina. Yep, it’s definitely the latter.

Now the biggest question remains… without Thomas, is there still enough drama to be had or will this simply be a kinder, gentler season of SC?

I guess we’ll find out when Charleston’s pride and joy Southern Charm premieres on Bravo on March 15!

Featured photo courtesy of Bravo TV.

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