Matthew McConaughey Movie About Dallas Sting CANCELED!
September 14, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek
Dallas Sting

Plans for the soccer film about the Dallas Sting set to star Matthew McConaughey have been canceled.

Skydance is apparently pulling the plug on the project because producers received disturbing allegations surrounding aspects of the true story on which the drama was based. The inspirational drama was only six weeks away from beginning production and was almost fully cast.

McConaughey was cast to play legendary soccer coach Bill Kinder in the film based on the women’s team that paved the way for American women’s soccer. Booksmart breakout Kaitlyn Dever, who appears in the upcoming George Clooney/ Julia Roberts rom-com Ticket to Paradise, was cast as the coach’s daughter. 

In 1984, the team made up of mostly high school kids, went to China to represent America in the first FIFA-world women’s tournament. Their historic win led to the first women’s World Cup in 1991. Learn more about the team here.

Featured photo via Matthew McConaughey on Instagram.

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