Made in Austin! Here Are All of The Filming Locations for Man Of The House
September 15, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek
Man of the House

Watching Man of The House is like a blast from the past when it comes to filming locations. So many well known Austin locales in the 2005 film no longer exist.

If you’ve never seen the film, the plot revolves around a lonesome Texas Ranger (Tommy Lee Jones) who goes undercover as an assistant coach to protect a group of college cheerleaders who have witnessed a murder.

The movie was shot almost entirely in Austin. Texas Governor Rick Perry even makes a cameo appearance as himself. Mangia Pizza, Schlotzsky’s, News 8 and The Daily Texan are also featured. Sharp’s pizza order is “The Carnivore”, which was a real item from Mangia’s menu.

Man of the House is the first movie to have the permission from the University of Texas at Austin to use well-known UT symbols including: the UT tower (lit in orange and white), Bevo, UT cheerleaders, UT band, UT spirit organizations and the UT Texas Exes. According to an interview, the five young ladies in the film spent a month training in order to portray Texas cheerleaders

Here are more filming locations and facts about Man Of The House (2005).

  • The film was originally called Cheer Up, as illustrated by the clap board in the “Making Of” vignette.
  • Opening scenes were shot on the streets of the Warehouse District.
  • Jones’s character meets up with his daughter at Threadgills (RIP).
  • The stadium, now called DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium, was still called Joe Jamal Field at the time – look at that tiny “jumbotron!” Also note the lack of skyline in the background.
  • Scenes from the game were filmed during the Arkansas-Texas game in September 2003. Arkansas won the game 38-28.
  • Buffalo Billiard (RIP again) is the bar where Christina Milian and Vanessa Ferlito’s character go to blow off steam.
  • The Hex ceremony takes place below the UT Tower.
  • When the girls try to rush past Jones to spend a night out, they say they are going to Cactus Cafe where Asleep at the Wheel is playing!
  • The roller rink features a mural that says “Great Skate of Texas.” Not sure what the rink is now but it looks like Austin Roller Rink.
  • In the film, the grocery store is called Colfax Market but it looks like the old Crestview Minimax, which was also used as a filming location on Friday Night Lights.

Thanks to a follower on Instagram, we learned that the house in the film is located at 612 W. 22nd Street in West Campus.

We’re not sure of the location of the church. If you have more info, please DM us on Instagram or Facebook.

Here’s the “Making of Featurette” previously mentioned.

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