Val Kilmer cuts hair on stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest
November 2, 2012 |
By Dani Dudek
Val Kilmer

You go, Val Kilmer!

The Twittersphere is blowing up with tweets about Val Kilmer (currently in his fat Elvis stage) cutting his hair on stage during the Black Lips set. Apparently, he’s the latest actor to be added to the Terrence Malick film currently shooting in Austin. Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara are also on site. However, some tweeters have been getting confused because the Black Lips are calling her Miley Cyrus. 

If I were Rooney Mara, I’d totally be offended. Even if it is a joke.

Kilmer hacked his hair with a hunting knife and then said, “Rock ‘n Roll is dead. Long live Rock n’ Roll.”

My favorite tweet about the event comes from @raphyax who says:

Overheard at Fun Fun Fun Fest : “Fat Batman, get off the stage!” while Val Kilmer was filming something with the Black Lips.

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