Talking Texas at the Texas Film Awards with Carol Burnett, Brooklyn Decker and more
April 14, 2016 |
By Dani Dudek
Texas Film Awards
Well here’s a fun little throwback Thursday post. At the Texas Film Awards in March, we asked attendees to answer our Totally Texan questions.

Texas Film Award honorees and guests included relative newcomers to the entertainment scene Blake Jenner, Wyatt Russell, Tanner Kalina as well as Brooklyn Decker, Jesse Plemons and Chandra Wilson. Also on hand was jewelry designer extraordinaire Kendra Scott, Sony Pictures’ Michael Barker and the legendary Carol Burnett.


First up, we asked Longhorns or Aggies. No surprise with this result.


Question #2 was tacos or BBQ.


This one proved a bit more difficult but tacos took the top spot.


Favorite Texas greeting? “Hey y’all,” of course.


There was a bit of a split on favorite slogan with “Don’t mess with Texas,” narrowly edging out “Keep Austin Weird.”


The gang may have been a bit biased on favorite Austin-centric film since the cast of Linklater’s unofficial Dazed and Confused sequel was in attendance.

No surprise that everyone loves Friday Night Lights. Especially Jesse Plemons.
When it came to favorite Texas musician, there was a real struggle between Willie Nelson and Beyonce. While Willie won by a landslide, many felt the need to justify their answer by insisting that they love Queen Bey as well.



Favorite Texan tough guy was also a struggle for the majority but it was Matthew McConaughey for the win. Alright, alright, alright.


Here are the full interviews with the gang at the Texas Film Awards struggling over our Totally Texan questions.

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