New Picasso Exhibit on Display in New York
September 25, 2023 |
By Contributor

Our New York tea spilling correspondent checked out the new Picasso exhibit with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Here’s what she had to say about “Picasso: A Cubist Commission in Brooklyn.”

This exhibit shows a collection commissioned by a guy (Fields) in Brooklyn for a specific space in his library above the bookshelves (the three horizontal for over the doors, the other three vertical ’cause he had some serious space).

Field grew up in Brooklyn Heights and over time he acquired a number of homes, turning a section of Brooklyn Heights into an artist enclave. Sadly, the dude died before the collection was finished. And then the block of homes, including his townhouse, was torn down for the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway).

I say cubism is a way to paint nudes without getting in trouble for painting nudes. But I liked that I had to walk through a hall of regular nudes (some Rodin, some others) to get there.

What: Picasso: A Cubist Commission in Brooklyn
Where: The Met 5th Avenue
When: Through January 14, 2024

More info here.

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