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July 31, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
Dazed and confused

There are so many amazing movies that were made in Austin, Texas! We already featured Bandslam and Varsity Blues. Now, it’s time to highlight one of the most well known made in Austin flicks: Dazed and Confused.

Perhaps the most famous of all movies filmed in Austin, Dazed and Confused made extensive use of Austin’s beautiful scenery, including scenes shot at Top Notch Burgers, Bedichek Middle School, West Enfield Park, Toney Burger Center, and others.

In 1993 Matthew McConaughey was a junior at UT when he got offered the part in Dazed and Confused. What was originally set to be a small part, grew bigger as the actors onscreen presence captured director Richard Linklater’s attention. The iconic scene set at the Austin favorite Top Notch Hamburgers was actually a spontaneous addition to the film. They wanted more McConaughey so they decided to add in this scene. The scene is now a widely used pop-culture reference! You can find “alright, alright, alright” written on everything from stickers, mugs, t-shirts, and more! It’s gone on to be Matthew McConaughey’s signature catchphrase, as as “JK livin,” which happens to be the name of his foundation.

Here are the best Dazed and Confused filming locations:

Lee High School scenes were actually filmed at Bedichek Middle School in South Austin, located at 6800 Bill Hughes Road. Meanwhile, the middle school is

Ben Affleck’s O’Bannion finally catches up with Carl and Mitch at Carl’s house, located at 6409 Wilbur Drive. If you go to see it, please be respectful and remember that this is a private residence.

Meanwhile, Mitch Kramer’s house is located at 6806 Pioneer Place.

dazed and confused filming location

Though it’s no longer a movie theater, the sign for the old Americana Movie Theater still stands. Today, it’s the Yarborough branch of the Austin Public Library at 2200 Hancock Drive.

The Emporium, where Wooderson talks about high school girls is the Violet Crown Shopping Center on North Lamar. It looks a bit different these days but there is a plaque memorializing the filming location. You’ll find it at 6610 N. Lamar Boulevard.

Top Notch (located at 7525 N. Burnet Road) is the locale where Matthew McConaughey first utters that infamous phrase. You know the one. It’s also where Jules works in Varsity Blues.

Top Notch Filming Location

The auto shop where O’Bannion gets his payback paint bath is Rick’s Auto Machine Shop, which is located at 821 Brentwood Street. While there, be sure to pop inside and see the Soul Pole on display.

More Dazed and Confused Filming Locations!

The football field where the gang contemplates life at the end of the film (And MM says “just keep livin – L-I-V-I-N”) is actually the Toney Burger Center. It’s located at 3200 Jones Road.

Speaking of fields, the baseball field where Mitch and his fellow rising freshman are playing a game early in the film is Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park, located at 7000 Ardath Street.

Oh, and that party at the Moontower? Most reports list it as taking place at Westenfield Park, however the Visit Austin website says filming took place at Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park. Either way, there’s no Moontower and not much that you’ll recognize from the film. The Moontower used in the film was actually a prop.

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All photos in this post snapped in 2023.

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