Inside Our Once In A Lifetime Experience at Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch
July 8, 2019 |
By Dani Dudek
Willie Nelson

As if the Luck Reunion isn’t cool enough (Not familiar? Read about it here), the Rolling Roadshow and Luck Productions have joined forces to present Luck Cinema out at the ranch owned by the one and only Willie Nelson.

They kicked off the series with a screening of Red Headed Stranger smack dab in the middle of the original film set. Willie was there and so was ATXgossip!

We had such an amazing time wandering around the ranch, making new friends and drinking all the dranks!

Take a peek at this slideshow to see what the experience was like.

You can also watch our Instagram TV post that features even more pictures of the event as well as a clip of Willie talking about Luck.

Let’s finish this up with Willie talking about the three rules he and his family live by.

That’s some stellar advice, y’all.

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