Grab Your Wands – Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience Has Landed in Texas
November 10, 2023 |
By Lola Hagopian

Start warming up your wands, you’re going to need them! Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience has officially landed in Little Elm, Texas. Walk through the trail ready to cast spells, illuminate beloved Forbidden Forest scenes and try your hand at casting a Patronus. This is an incredible experience and the attention to detail at the experience is phenomenal!

Potterheads, you’re not going to want to miss this. Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is happening only in Texas!

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest

While $72 for general admission is pricey as is, we think the deluxe package is worth the extra $31. The package includes a plastic Butterbeer mug, a light-up lanyard, a themed sugar cookie, a souvenir letter and a kinder egg surprise. It’s all packaged in a keepsake tote bag.

The Butterbeer mug is the old New York Harry Potter Store’s souvenir cup, which a lot of fans took to the internet to say how sad they were to see it go. The cup retails at $12 and Butterbeer is not included. They do have Butterbeer for purchase which, unlike Universal Studios, you can have spiked with various spirits!

When you enter the experience you can grab other select goodies, more Butterbeer and various other drinks like Hogwarts House themed hot chocolate. Then, once you’re through the Forbidden Forest, there are various food options and more drinks. The food menu is similar to the ones found at Universal’s Wizarding World.

The entire experience is approximately 60 to 90 minutes and it’s only happening through January 13, 2024 so get your tickets now. We promise, you will not be disappointed. The Little Elm crew did an amazing job!

More Tips To Keep In Mind:

  • Download the app before you go. There’s a lot to learn and it’s better to be prepared. The link should be provided in your ticket confirmation email.
  • There is a parking fee of $5 if you purchase online and $8 on-site.
  • All of the interactive moments repeat themselves every few minutes so if you miss something, don’t worry, just wait.
  • Don’t forget your wand. There are spells to be cast throughout and, more importantly, a Patronus to conjure!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Fancy shoes won’t go with your robe anyway!
  • Check the weather before you go and dress accordingly. Texas weather is unpredictable so it’s best to plan ahead, if possible. They do have scarves, gloves and hats for sale before you enter the forest, just in case.
  • Don’t buy much before you enter the forest because you’ll have to carry it around while trying to take pictures. Plus, they have a souvenir shop as you exit the experience.

Remember, keep your wits about you and you’ll make it through.

What: Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience
Where: Located in the grounds of Little Elm Park, Little Elm, Texas
When: Various dates through January 16, 2024

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