CONFIRMED! Woody Harrelson Lives In Austin
October 6, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
Woody Harrelson

In March of 2021, Spill the ATX posted that Woody Harrelson was moving back to Texas.

During the We’re Texas virtual fundraising concert organized by Camila and Matthew McConaughey, Harrelson took part. Via a pre-recorded video, Harrelson was supposed to say he’s from Midland, Texas. Instead, he started to say he’s from Austin. He went on to explain that he gets confused sometimes because he’s moving to Austin.

Here is that video:

Earlier this year when the former Cheers star hosted SNL, he mentioned in his monologue that he had flown in from Texas. That made us think he had, in fact, made the move to Austin. Now, we know for sure as the actor called himself an Austin resident in a video that aired prior to the screening of Common Ground on October 4. We would have loved to see him live and in person at the event, but he mentioned in the video that he is currently in Greece.

You may also recall that Woody told NBC’s Willie Geist in 2019 that if he DID return to Texas, Austin is the city he’d choose.

Welcome home, Woody. We’re happy to have you back in the Lone Star State!

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