A Beginner’s Guide to Film Shoot Locations in Austin
June 14, 2021 |
By Dani Dudek

There is a huge market for filming venues and locations. Music videos, films, and TV shows have got to be produced somewhere after all. Producers and directors spend a long time looking for the best Filming Venues in Sydney, scenic locations in the US, or historical monuments that will be the centerpiece of their film. And everything’s bigger in Texas, and if you’re looking for a film shoot location in Austin, you’re sure to find plenty. But finding the right one for your project can be tricky. Sure, you could go for some of the standard setups and hope that works. But if you want your project to stand out, you need something special. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to unique film shoot locations in Austin. We’ve also included a few resources for filmmakers in the area.

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Resources for filmmakers in Austin

Before you rush off to find your next film shoot location, take a look at these resources for filmmakers in Austin to help you get on the right track.

City of Austin Filmmaking Information

The Filmmaking in Austin page on the City of Austin website is a resource provided by the city government for filmmakers in the Austin area.

The site provides access to loads of information pertaining to rules and regulations when filming within the city limits, including fees, permits, rights, and responsibilities. You’ll also find links to all necessary permit applications to make the process easier, as well as a convenient FAQ section to answer any questions before you get started

To take it a step further, the page also lists city department contacts to facilitate engagement with police, fire, and public works services.

Lastly, the page features a listing of funding sources, discounts, and other incentives for filmmakers in Austin to take advantage of. This can take some of the cost away from film production so that you can focus on your craft.


SAGindie is the Screen Actors Guild for independent filmmakers. The guild maintains a state-by-state database of resources available for filmmakers throughout the country. SAGindie also provides access to resources like location support, staffing, equipment, and other needs.

Cognitive Films

Cognitive Films is actually a film production company that helps filmmakers finish their productions in the best way possible. The company offers a variety of services for filmmakers, but more importantly, it provides resources for finding sound and production stages in the Austin area, as well as equipment rentals.

If you’re looking to finalize your project once all the shooting is done, this is the place to go. Cognitive Films also offers help with documentary filmmaking, media production, social outreach, and more. You’ll find a plethora of resources and services available here if you need them.

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Find the right spot with one of these fantastic film shoot venues in Austin

Don’t settle for ordinary – one of these stellar venues has just what you need to make your film shine. Take a look and let our choices inspire you to make the greatest film possible.

  1. Last Chance Gas Station: iconic horror at its best

    If you want a setting straight out of Hollywood from way back, then the Last Chance Gas Station is just the ticket. As seen in the 1974 classic film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last Chance Gas Station is now a barbecue joint with a gift shop themed after the movie and tons of memorabilia. The setting is great for filming and still delivers that classic horror feel. It even includes a motel with cabins that can be rented out for an authentic stay in a horror-themed environment. The entire location is a tribute to the classic movie and would make an
    excellent backdrop for any modern horror filmmakers looking for some realism.
  2. Baker Street Pub and Grill: movie backdrop and good food

    Now a landmark, the Baker Street Pub and Grill was once used in the film Office Space is now a Sherlock Holmes-inspired restaurant. Even if you’re not a fan of the world’s greatest detective and friend of Scotland Yard, you have to appreciate the charm an aesthetic like that brings to a space.

    You’re likely to find nothing like it and if you’re in the mood for a London-inspired setting, then the choice is quite… elementary. Not only is this a completely unique space, but you’ll have an easy time keeping everyone fed too. You couldn’t possibly deduce a better film location than one inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest literary figure. If you are however in search of some film studios in London, you could definitely look at the website for Racing Green Pictures and similar others in the city.
  3. Top Notch: drive-in nostalgia

    Probably one of few like it left in existence, Top Notch is a fully functional drive-in theatre and is the same venue featured in the 1992 film Dazed and Confused. Little has changed about the venue apart from some updates to keep the screens running. If you’re looking for a place with open space, a lot of nostalgia, and a classic look, then
    Top Notch is the place. You can even take in a few films yourself for inspiration on your next big filmmaking idea. Plus, there are great concessions to keep everyone fed.

Hopefully some of these legendary venues are just the ticket for your next filming project, but if not, maybe they’ve given you some ideas on finding what it is you’re looking for to make your next film a smashing success.

Featured photo via Terje Sollie from Pexels.

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