Women of Austin Podcast Spills the aTx on Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
July 14, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek
Women of Austin

Do you have trouble getting out of your comfort zone? We all do at times. Our fearless leader recently guested on the Women of the Austin Podcast and talked about just that. 

The Women of Austin Podcast is a conversational inspirational show where they focus on the power of connection, community and collaboration by sharing the stories of women in the Austin community.

Spill the aTx creator Dani Dudek joined host Mindy Hoffman and fellow guests Jessica Belladares-Bennett and Chef Jo Chan (of Top Check fame!) for a rousing discussion.

The women touch on topics related to thinking differently, believing in yourself and getting out of your own way.

You can watch the segment on YouTube here. Or, if you prefer to listen, check out the podcast episode on these platforms:

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