Why Walker Independence Should Be On Your Fall Watch List
October 4, 2022 |
By Lola Hagopian

You know we love the CW series Walker – not just because it stars one of our favorite local celebs Jared Padalecki, but also because it’s shot right here in Austin (learn about all the filming locations here)! Now, we’re spilling the aTx on the spinoff series Walker: Independence.

Walker: Independence is in fact the prequel to Walker, the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. The show may not premiere until October 6, but we’ve already seen the first episode – thanks to the ATX TV Festival. Cast members Katherine McNamara, Matt Barr, Justin Johnson Cortez and Executive Producer Jared Padalecki were all in attendance for the screening, followed by a Q&A.

Here’s what you need to know about Walker: Independence!

The series follows Abby Walker (that’s right Walker) on her journey out west. Through unforeseen circumstances Abby finds herself in Independence, Texas, where she meets a lot of colorful characters, like Hoyt Rawlins. If you’re confused about Matt Barr’s involvement on the series, you aren’t alone. Previously, Barr played the character of Hoyt in Walker but sadly, his character dies (insert sad face). But now he’s back to play his great great grandpa (insert happy face)!

See Matt as Hoyt and the rest of the cast in the series trailer, here:

We love the fresh take on a western with a female lead! If anyone can breathe life into Abby Walker it’s Katherine McNamara. The Shadowhunters star is no stranger to action! We can’t wait to see where she takes this character.

We also can’t turn down a show that’s about Texas, even if Walker: Independence is not filmed in Austin. The new series is filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but with Padalecki at the helm, we know they’ll capture the essence of Texas.

You can catch Walker Independence on The CW starting on October 6. New episodes air every Thursday night after season three episodes of Walker.

Let’s Talk Texas!

We had a chance to sit down with Barr and Johnson Cortez during their ATX Fest appearance. After chatting about the show, we just couldn’t let them get away without answering our totally Texas questions. Here’s how they replied.

Tacos or barbecue?

Matt: Tacos.
Justin: Tacos.

Guac or queso?

Matt: Guac.
Justin: Guac.

Willie Nelson or Beyonce?

Matt: Willie.
Justin: Willie.

Travis Scott or Post Malone?

Matt: Travis Scott because that song from Tenent.
Justin: I can’t really answer that. I’ll just jump on Matt’s bandwagon and say, Travis Scott.

Tommy Lee Jones or Matthew McConaughey?

Matt: Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy is OG.
Justin: I love McConaughey but Tommy.

Friday Night Lights TV show or movie?

Matt: That’s a good question, TV show.
Justin: TV Show!

Dallas or Walker, Texas Ranger?

Matt: Walker, baby!
Justin: That’s not a fair questions. Walker.

“Don’t Mess with Texas” or “Keep Austin Weird”?

Matt: Don’t Mess With Texas!
Justin: Keep Austin Weird!

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