The National Proves They’re Still A Fan Favorite At Austin Concert
November 19, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
The National

When The National took the stage at Austin’s Moody Center on November 17, fans were treated to an immersive experience, blending raw emotion with intricate musical performances.

Matt Berninger’s distinctive voice carried the weight of introspective lyrics, creating a captivating atmosphere. And nothing was more captivating than the moment he climbed into the stands to serenade fans face to face.

After all these years, The National has still got it! Their tight performances showcase their mastery, continuing to leave the audience moved and entranced by the depth of their sound.

Set list:

  1. Sea of Love
  2. Eucalyptus
  3. Tropic Morning News
  4. New Order T-Shirt
  5. Don’t Swallow the Cap
  6. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  7. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
  8. I Need My Girl
  9. This Is the Last Time
  10. Apartment Story
  11. Mistaken for Strangers
  12. Lit Up
  13. Available
  14. Conversation 16
  15. Alien
  16. Laugh Track
  17. Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces)
  18. Smoke Detector
  19. Day I Die
  20. Pink Rabbits
  21. England
  22. Graceless
  23. Fake Empire
  24. About Today
  25. Weird Goodbyes
  26. Mr. November
  27. Terrible Love
  28. Space Invader
  29. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Did you know The National songs have been featured in a handful of TV shows and movies? Some of our faves include: The Vampire Diaries, Entourage and Game of Thrones. The song “Star A War” was used in Friday Night Lights!

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