The Best Ways to Celebrate All Things Selena in Texas
April 16, 2022 |
By Lola Hagopian

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez might not have been from Austin but she was a Texan, which means the love for her runs deep. The Corpus Christi native is still a big part of pop culture and the results can be found in murals, museums and more- all over Texas.

Here is how you can have the most Selena day ever!

Take a selfie with one of the many murals around town dedicated to the Texas legend.

Celebrate her birthday on April 16 with different events in town like the one’s Taquero Mucho and Gabriella’s are hosting this year. Purple margaritas anyone?

Plan a trip to the Selena Museum in her hometown of Corpus Christi.

Binge watch the Selena: The Series on Netflix. Some parts of the series were filmed right here in Texas!

Or watch the 1997 movie Selena, starring Jennifer Lopez. The movie just celebrated its 25 year anniversary!

Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

Get inspired by all the Selena sites Corpus Christi has to offer!

If you love Austin / Texas celebrities as much as we do, click here for more.

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