Nat Geo: Symphony for Our World Should Not Be Missed
July 31, 2018 |
By Dani Dudek
Symphony for Our World

National Geographic: Symphony for Our World is quite simply amazing. 

Now, I realize that word, “amazing,” gets thrown around a lot. And I’ve actually made a deliberate attempt to stop using it in my vocabulary. But the first word that comes to mind when I think about this experience truly is “amazing.”

If you’ve ever watched any of the Nat Geo productions, you know that their work is extraordinary.

Imagine seeing those images edited beautifully and set to a live symphony orchestra. That’s exactly what this show is.

Going in, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Coming out, my guest and I agreed that the production could not have been executed more perfectly.

In its 130 years in existence, National Geographic has never done anything like this. It was worth the wait!

Symphony for Our World is inspiring, educational, and even funny.

We were surprised and thrilled by the way the producer injected humor without one bit of dialogue.

From frolicking with a wide array of wildlife to soaring through the skies and plunging below the surface, you will be moved.

How could you not? Nature is what connects us all and we’re so grateful Nat Geo is making a point to preserve it.

Though you may balk at the price, I assure you that it’s worth it. You will leave the show wishing everyone you know could share the experience with you.

My only disappointment is that it was a one time performance in Austin and you may have missed it.

However, Nat Geo’s Symphony for Our World will be making appearances in other cities around the country (and world) including LA, Chicago, Portland, Nashville, Atlanta and more. See the full schedule here.

We highly recommend travelling to one of these cities to see it. And then, travel some more. Trust us, you will definitely want to.

All photos by Suzanne Cordeiro.

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