Machine Gun Kelly Gives Martin Brundle Thumbs Down on F1 Grid Walk
November 7, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
Machine Gun Kelly

When Sky Sports reporter Martin Brundle approached Machine Gun Kelly on the grid at the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix, things went as you may not, or may, have expected.

Brundle is known for approaching celebs pre-race. Often the celebrities aren’t open to chatting, nor are they well versed on the sport of F1.

In São Paulo, Brazil, the celeb he approached was Machine Gun Kelly, and the interview that ensued can be described as, well, awkward AF.

Check it out here:

Fans are weighing in left and right in the comments on the video. Many are making comments about MGK’s feud with Eminem. Others are sticking up for the star, saying things like, “MGK really tried to make it interesting.”

That’s not all fans are commenting on. While some are taking up for Brundle, stating, “Martin is an absolute legend for doing grid walks.” Others question the future of F1 posting comments like, “This is the current state of F1. I can’t imagine the sh*t show Vegas is going to be.”

Kelly later posted on X, formerly Twitter, saying, “My anxiety has won,” also mentioning that he hates being in public.

What we know for sure is whether you like the chats or not, they sure are entertaining. Here’s another video from earlier in the season where Brundle attempted to chat with Cara Delevingne.