How To Use CBD To Enhance Your Travel Experience
February 15, 2022 |
By Lola Hagopian

Taking a trip is always a good idea but that doesn’t mean it’s always a stress-free idea. Whether it’s flying, getting around or just attempting to relax – we could all use a little help before, during and after our trips. That’s where Ampersand CBD comes in. Ampersand products help you chill, sleep, soothe and enjoy all of life’s adventures. 

Speaking of adventures, we recently took Ampersand on the road with us on our trip to Orlando! While the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was magical, the real magic was in the difference Ampersand made on this trip. 

Here are a few ways we used CBD to enhance our travel experience! 

The Airport

Airports are a special form of chaos. From the security lines, crowds and boarding process, it’s enough to stress out even the most experienced flyers and centered individuals. CBD is the way to go, trust us. Adding a little tincture to your morning coffee or water will help you avoid all the unnecessary airport stresses. It might even help you relax on your flight! 


The Theme Parks

Theme parks are obviously fun but you may still get a little nervous climbing onto a rollercoaster. Or maybe standing in line for hours has you antsy? Or perhaps you’re just simply overwhelmed because you want to see everything and ride every ride. Either way popping an edible before you head into the park worked wonders for us. One of our team members was a little uneasy about going upside down on rollercoasters but she popped in an edible and rode Universal Studios new ride VelociCoaster. It definitely helped her chill out. Overall it enhanced the entire park experience because we were able to be present and in the moment! 


The Ups and Downs

We know social media makes trips look glamorous but we’re here to give you some real talk about what happens after the day’s activities. After being on your feet all day, walking across a park, waiting in line and the dreaded trek back to the car – you’re exhausted and ready to crash. But if you’re like us and you have another full day of things to, you’re going to need your body to feel ready to go the next morning. Ampersand has various products to help with sleep and ease those aches and pains. Both their sleep tincture and their topical balm helped us relax and recoup at the end of each day so we could enjoy the second and third day just as much as the first. 


We had so much fun on our trip and Ampersand had a big hand in that. Not only did it help us not stress about the small stuff, we stayed present and calm, even amidst crazy weather and even crazier crowds. And here’s something else to love about Ampersand CBD – not only is it gluten-free, family farmed, vegan, and third party tested but it’s made right here in Texas!

We’re already planning our next trip! Stay tuned to see where that will be. In the meantime, click here to get your CBD travel essentials. And you can learn about all of our past travels here.

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