ATXgossip Review: House of Gucci
November 23, 2021 |
By Dani Dudek

The reviews seem to be mixed for House of Gucci. While the initial reviews I saw pop up in my feeds were quite negative, the LA Times posted a gushing article about the film and its star Lady Gaga.

house of gucci
Adam Driver, Director Ridley Scott, Lady Gaga, Jack Huston and Roberto Bentivegna, Writer.
Photo by: Eric Charbonneau

Either way, it seems many people plan to see the film. In a poll we posted on Instagram, 75% of followers said they plan to see it.

Here are some of my thoughts on the film:

  • There is a lot more character and story development than I expected. They accomplished a lot in 2.5 hours! Though surprisingly, the climax of the story is told in just about 10 minutes.
  • I don’t know how I missed it but I wasn’t aware that Jared Leto was in the film. It took me almost an hour into the film to realize it was him. I’m not sure why the eyes didn’t give it away immediately.
  • I watched some videos of the real Patrizia and Gaga did a good job with the accent. But Jared sounds a bit like Mario.
  • If you love fashion, you’re definitely gonna want to go shopping after watching.
  • People are greedy AF.

If you see it, please let me know what you think via Instagram. I love to hear other opinions.

House of Gucci is in theaters now.

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