Check out Scream Hollow in Bastrop Near Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filming Location
June 19, 2019 |
By Dani Dudek

Big fan of Halloween? Just can’t wait until October to get your scream on? Well, you don’t have to! This weekend, Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park is letting the clowns out for their summer vacation and you’re invited.

It’s all going down in 20-acres of dense forest off Highway 304 in Bastrop, just miles from the site of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Side note: On your way, stop and visit the Last Chance Gas Station (1073 TX-304), which served as the infamous setting for much of the 1974 flick. It’s now called We Slaughter Barbecue and features a music venue and movie-themed gift shop. There’s also a motel complete with cabins out back.


Scream Hollow was named one of the “10 Best Horror Events” in 2018 by USA Today as well as #1 Haunted House in the Nation by Lionsgate.

On site, guests can take a tour of the new Lost Pines Asylum” where the abandoned hallways echo with the screams and horrors of patients past. And the updated Slaughterhouse – Lunatik’s Revenge” where the demented clowns have reclaimed their territory.  The Original Haunted “Mansion of Terror” is the icon of haunted attractions with Adele the Demoness standing watch to tell the story of its history and demise. And enter the intense Pitch Black Maze, “Wicked Darkness” for sensory overload in the mind-blowing darkness we call hell home.

Scream Hollow encourages patrons to make a night of it, enjoying a glass of wine or a beer at the Rabid Bat Vampire Bar, a bite to eat at the Cackling Witch Cafe while listening to live music and browsing the oddities and merchandise for sale at Madame Tinker’s Magic Emporium.

Scream Hollow is open this weekend, Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22 from 7pm until Midnight.

Scream Hollow

Buy tickets here.

And mark your calendars for the their Halloween season which opens on September, Friday the 13th!

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