Friday Night Lights Filming Locations in Austin – Broken Spoke
April 28, 2020 |
By Lola Hagopian

We’re back again to continue our Friday Night Lights walk down memory laneWe’ve covered a lot of the remaining locations already but still have a few more to go! This week we’re feeling a little extra nostalgic after watching the cast reunite to share stories of what it was like to make the show, how they kept busy off-set, and what they loved about filming in Austin. The reunion was part of Global Citizen’s #TogetherAtHome program.

The reunion will make your heart full but your eyes definitely won’t be clear and you can’t lose by watching it.
We’re calling it an hour long love letter to Austin. Check it out here.

And now on to today’s FNL filming location.

Broken Spoke

3201 South Lamar Boulevard 

This week’s filming location was inspired heavily by the reunion. Adrianne Palicki (Tyra Collette), who is yet another FNL cast member who decided to stick around and call Austin home, mentions the Broken Spoke in the video. It’s one of the few remaining filming locations that aren’t residential and we hope that doesn’t change any time soon. Especially since it’s famous for more than FNL but also for being on the cover of George Strait’s 2019 album Honky Tonk Time Machine. On FNL, the Broken Spoke was where Landry’s band Crucifictorius played a show in season one. That said, who immediately remembered Tim Riggins’ face when he went to see Crucifictirious play for the first time? Priceless.


Broken Spoke

Looking for other FNL filming locations? Check out this post that documents ALL of the filming locations still standing as of Fall 2019.

And if you want to relive the glory of the series, it’s currently available to stream on the NBC app (you’ll need to authenticate), Hulu, or Starz.

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